Holmes HWF100 Wick Humidifier Filter

Type E Filter


Holmes®: HM630, HM729, HM729G, HM6000, HM6000RC, HM6600, HM6005HD, HM4600, HM4600HD, HM7305, HM7305RC, HM7306, HM7204, HM7808

Bionaire®: BCM645, BCM646, BCM6000, BCM6010RC, BCM6610RC, BCM7203, BCM7203RC, BCM7204, BCM7205, BCM7207, BCM7305RC, BCM7305RCB, BCM7305

Holmes® humidifier filter part number: HWF100, HF235

Bionaire® humidifier filter part number: BWF100, BWF100CS

SCM630, SCM631, SCM7808, SCM7809
HWF100 Wick Filter


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Product Features:
  • Improves efficiency of the humidifier
  • Extended filter life with help of the reinforced outer layer
  • Contains an Antimicrobial Product Protection additive
  • Traps mineral deposits from the water
  • Includes Arm & Hammer ® baking soda infused in filter
  • Recommended to replace filer every 4-6 weeks
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