Sunbeam® Touch Up & Go Iron

The new Sunbeam Touch Up & Go™ iron is the fast, easy way to remove wrinkles without using an ironing board. Just a gentle pinch and this double ironing system erases wrinkles from virtually any fabric with just one pass. You can press both sides of denim jeans at once, cutting your ironing time in half! It’s the perfect way to put a quick crease in pants and shirts.

The Sunbeam® Touch Up & Go iron is lightweight and heats up in seconds. So now you can remove wrinkles from your clothing while on a hanger, over a chair, on a doorknob, event at your desk. All without ironing board stress.
[GCSBTG-100-000] - Sunbeam® Touch Up & Go Iron


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  • Includes deluxe travel & storage case with heat resistant lining
  • Includes spritzing bottle for refreshing your fabrics
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