Sunbeam® Kitchen Assistant

[002774-000-000] - Sunbeam® Kitchen Assistant


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  • 2 Large Mixing Chambers
  • 6 Small Mixing Chamber
  • 1 Blade Assembly
  • 6 Storage Lids
  • 2 Shaker/Sifter Lids
  • 1 Base (Motor)
Product Features:
  • 18 Piece Set
  • Power and versatility in a small package
  • Powerful 220 Watt Motor
  • Metallic silver with chrome accents
  • Ideal for foods too small for a food processor
  • Multi-use personal kitchen assistant is great for storing items in the same container that you processed them. It comes with container lids to store the food items for later use, or to pour the ingredients using the sifter lids
  • Easy operation. Simply put the ingredients in one of the containers. Screw the blade assembly to the container. Place it on the motor base and press down
  • Uses include: Mince , Puree, Grind, Grate, Mix and Store
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